Today was the first time she told me to slow down…

Photo by Dave Buchanan


Born Free run with the men of Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle
Summer mid day sun to dusk

Los Angeles to Silverado, California
July 2014

Fuck yes Jaime!!!

Baking soda and super glue patches the leak. Thanks to Reece for the tip! Now for another few hours back home.

At least I got this dumb picture while I was peeing on a hill…

You ever have one of those days where if one more thing goes wrong you’re going to toss out the flag? This is one of those days. Bad battery. Snapped terminal on the new battery. Lost my air filter. Now, my tank decided to piss all over me. All within 24 hours. I’m not one to believe in omens, but, the baby girl is telling me she don’t wanna go. I’ve to listen. I don’t feel like being stranded in Montana or North Dakota with a light wallet and no service. #kindamad #morebummedthananything

It’s days like these that make me wonder what the fuck I’m doing. At least I know I can catch things with my foot at 80 mph… #getoutthebailingwire

And I’m off like a prom dress of a second year senior. 60.7 miles out of Yakima and running a little later than I had hoped. Shooting to be sleeping in Montana tonight… #savemeabeer #gpoy #illtakemyowndamnpicture


Swapping the sporty tank for a mid tunnel wassel on the Blackberry. Probably gonna have some new paint coming too soon after I get it all mocked up.

Greg’s bike slays!!!


I hope this summer never ends

Hi friends!

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